Kate Hudson Diet Plan Workout Routine

Kate Hudson Diet Plan

Have you been on two or more reducing diets during the past five years? yes no
2. Has your weight fluctuated more than ten pounds, either way, in the past two years? yes no
3. Have you ever been on a crash diet? yes no
For more than one week? yes no
4. Do you ever try to keep your weight down by skipping meals? yes no
5. Do you often have strong food cravings? yes no
6. Do you gain weight when you are “not dieting”? yes no
7. When you stop a reducing diet, do you
gain back the weight you lost? yes no
8. On your favorite reducing diet, do you lose
more than 1V2 pounds per week? yes no
9. Does your diet seriously restrict and limit
the kinds of foods you can eat? yes no
10. Have you ever restricted your food intake
without adding a vitamin mineral supplement? yes no
11. Have you ever taken reducing pills or ap
petite suppressants to help you lose weight? yes no
12. Does your overweight problem date back ten years or longer? yes no
Add up your yes answers. If you circled yes three times or more, the chances are that you have suffered some degree of metabolic distortion. If you answered questions 3, 11, or 12 in the affirmative, the possibility that you are biochemically out of balance multiplies.
A sneak preview of the Optimal Diet, found in the final chapter of this book, should be helpful at this point. It is not designed as a reducing diet. It offers no day by day menu plans, since it is designed for people, not robots. It is meant to be a lifetime guide to good
eating habits, not a “stick to this for a week” program that may be followed by a “go on a binge” respite.

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