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We cant have you going around with an outdated head. After all, you are our star female reporter. Am I really? she would say. I thought Peter Northrop is. Is? Or was? For Peter had been Tony Elliots darling of all possible darlings on The Rag, his very own special assignment boy, his slave and undoubtedly his tormentor (could anybody be one and not the other? Lou suspected not). Next post; She hated Peter Northrop with a passion verging on lunacy, she had dreams of killing him, long glistening knives danced in her dreams before making their final, fatal plunge into his incredibly lean middle. Lou had an X ray eye and could see through suits to absolutely spare stomachs with not an extra ounce of flesh on them.

Kate Major Style Fashion & Looks 2015
Kate Major Info Chart

Style Name Kate Major
Style Birth; 1983
Style Occupations; Reporter
Style Relationship; Single
A-List; B-List

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Kate Major Style Fashion & Looks

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