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Clocking Your Enzymes to Unlock the Secrets of Combining

Protein foods are the hardest to digest because they re quire triple enzymatic action^hydrochloric acid, then pepsin, and then the two in combination; because of this they spend the most time in your stomach. Most proteins require twelve full steps before they are thoroughly digested.

Dairy products are by far the toughest protein foods to digest. Their highfat and lowmoisture content suppresses the very enzyme they need for digestion, hydrochloric acid, and a great struggle takes place in your stomach. We’ve ali heard that drinking milk coats your stomach. True. But why would you want to coat your stomach when you want to digest something? By coating your stomach you’re sup pressing the very enzymes you need for digestion.

Carbs. The more complex the carbohydrate, the longer it will be in your stomach being digested. Maxi carbs are more complex than midi carbs, which are more complex than mini carbs. A potato will take perhaps three hours, mushrooms an hour and a half. Just because something takes longer to digest doesn’t mean you can’t have it. It means you must leam how to combine it: That is what the Beverly Hills Diet is ali about. That is why I cali my technique Conscious Combining.

Fats. We don’t eat fats by themselves, so we don’t need to know how they act alone. We do need to know that they slow down the digestion of whatever it is they are eaten with by as much as several hours or more. But fats don’t neutralize any enzymatic action, so you can combine them with a carb or a protein without any serious problem.

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