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Kate Upton Diet Plan

Dr. Rosenfeld’s views are shared by Dr. Joseph Nichols, president of Natural Food Associates and author of the book Please, Doctor, Do Something. “The unhappily married,” he believes, “are more often suffering from dietary deficiencies than from the kind of social incompatabilities traditional therapists seek to explore.”

Such professional opinions are valuable, without question. Yet evidence from research scientists investigating the cellular and biochemical nature of man s behavior patterns is even more heartening. One such report cropped up recently from Dr. Donald Eccleston, assistant director of the MRC Brain Metabolism Unit of the University of Edinburgh. “The notion that moods can be determined by biochemical defects in the brain may be difficult to accept,” Dr. Eccleston has written. “Now, twenty years after the first indications, evidence is accumulating in support of primary biochemical lesions as a cause of a number of psychiatric disorders.”

Doctor Eccleston s highly sophisticated discussion of this subject is profoundly important since it verifies the relationship between food and mood as a metabolic process.

At this point, ask yourself what problems threaten your serenity or that of your family. A marriage foundering? Alcoholism or drug dependency? A highly rebellious teenager? A neurotic or psychotic relative? Insomnia? Tension? The fear that you may be one of the more than twenty million people in the United.

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