Kate Winslet Recipe

1 artichoke per person
10 spring onions Juice of 2 lemons
1 pint olive oil
1 o flour

Boil the artichokes just as they are in plain water for about fifteen minutes until they are tender enough to handle. Then hold them by the stalk and carefully remove the outer leaves so that you are left with the inside and base.

Take out the inner flowers and place the artichokes immediately into a basin containing the juice of one lemon and the flour and enough water to cover them; this will preserve their colour. When they are all prepared place them in a clean deep pot with their stalks standing up. Pour over them the olive oil, sugar, seasoning, diced carrot, spring onions and the juice of the other lemon, and use some of the water in which you boiled them to just cover their bases.

Close the pot and simmer for about an hour. Allow them to cool in the pot. Remove them to a serving dish and pour over them the juice in which they have been cooked and sprinkle with roughly chopped dill and parsley. Serve very cold.

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