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Do my kids have the weirdest names?


There has always been a trend for standing out from the crowd in Hollywood, but one Aussie family have proven unique names are not just for the rich and famous. Mum Kathy Robertson-Cipak grew up in outback Queensland where everyone she knew had a  common name’ €“ and it wasn’t until she started watching US TV shows that she realised she could be a bit more adventurous when it came to picking monikers for her own children.

Now, she loves nothing more than explaining their meanings and revealing what inspired her. Son Darval, eight, is the youngest and the name €“ which Kathy made up €“ is a reminder of a very special time. Arty and I flew to Darwin to renew our wedding vows in memory of my parents, who would have celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary,’ Kathy tells. While in Darwin, Darval was conceived on Valentine’s Day. So I named him Dar for Darwin and Val for Valentine,’ she explains. He is very shy when people ask where his name comes from.’ His older brother Reef, nine, was given his title because of his father’s love for the sea. He is a surfer and he and his mates surf the Barrier Reef out at sea off Agnes Waters,’ she says.

And while the two girls €“ Tiamo-Lee, 19, and Jet’aime, 10 €“ often have to teach people how to pronounce their names, their mum says that they both love standing out from the crowd. Ti Amo is my favourite song from the 1980s sung by Laura Branigan and means €œI love you in Italian,’ she explains. Lee was a nod to my brother, who was on dialysis waiting for a kidney. We didn’t think he would survive, but my mum was able to donate one. So, to keep in pattern with €œI love you, I named my next daughter Jet’aime, which means €œI love you in French.’ Then there’s Scott, 21, who Kathy insists is too laid-back to worry about having the only standard name among his siblings I was a big Neighbours fan back then and I loved Scott and Charlene, so it’s still special to me.’

If you’re inspired by Kathy’s creative handles, keep in mind that not all names can be legally registered. In 2013, Births, Deaths and Marriages Victoria refused to allow a couple to call their daughter Princess Diana. Applications were also declined for Post Master General, Ned Kelly and Chief Maximus…

Kathy gave

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