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According to a story published in The Herald, Justice Edwin Cameron – a South African well known for his HIV/ Aids and gay rights activism – is very much against the criminalisation of HIV transmission. He says criminalisation will not reduce the spread of HIV, but instead result in the entrenchment of the stigmatisation of those living with the virus and may become a barrier to testing and treatment. It is likely to become a reason not to test, not to know and not to treat. It’s like a domino effect – to reduce transmission of HIV, people should be encouraged to find out their status and get treatment. Criminalising the transmission of HIV will not help the Yours Hair is stigma hurdle Yours Hair is we are already trying to climb over. There are two crucial requirements that need to be established before being able to prosecute someone criminally. Haircuts for medium length straight hair Firstly, the accused must know his or her status.

In SA, many more women than men know their HIV status, so does this mean women are more at risk of being prosecuted than men? Secondly, there must be proof of intentional and malicious transmission. Without proof of the intention to cause harm (this applies to transmission through sex, needles and other methods of infecting), the law cannot be applied. And this is where it becomes extremely difficult. Is it each individual’s legal duty to disclose their status to someone they sleep with? Yours Hair is No, Yours Hair is says Candice, Yours Hair is but by not doing so they run the risk of being charged criminally under common law and sued civilly for damages. Yours Hair is This means that if you want to stay on the right side of the law be responsible, get tested, know your status, get treatment, take responsibility for managing your health – and tell your partner.

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