Kegel Exercises During Pregnancy

Stimulus Control

This involves the use of stimuli or prompts that encourage exercise. Examples of such stimuli are laying out running clothing the night before a planned run, wearing exercise clothes around the house, and always having exercise attire in the car. Associating with regular exercisers, discussing personal training and performances, and reading about running also increase the desire to exercise.

Goal Setting

Always set achievable short-term goals in training (either distance or time run each day or week), but also have long-term goals like running in a fun run or marathon.

Kegel Exercises During Pregnancy

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If you are a highly dedicated person, rather than doing too little, you are likely to aim too high too soon. It is important to set realistic goals and then start gradually. Please be aware that in the beginning, your mind, heart, and lungs are infinitely stronger than are the bones, tendons, and ligaments of your lower limbs and that a serious running injury is virtually guaranteed to anyone who starts training too intensively too soon.

Associative/Dissociative Strategies

This concept is discussed in greater detail in post 7. In short, when running you should either think about everything but what you are doing (dissociation) or concentrate purely on the activity and how your body feels as you run (association). In general, it is believed that competitive runners do best if they associate during races. However, it also appears that novice runners do best if they dissociate. If you associate and think about your running and how your body is hurting, you are less likely to continue exercising. Running in pleasant and varied surroundings rather than on monotonous roads and tracks helps the dissociation process.

Coping Thoughts

The novice runner must learn positive self-talk (see post 7): “I’m doing well to exercise at all today since I wasn’t looking forward to it I’m nearly halfway finished Let me notice what’s going on around methat sunset is beautiful. ’ ’

At first, it is better for the novice to be excessively self-congratulatory about personal efforts. Stricter self-evaluation can be instituted once the exercise habit is ingrained.

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