Keira Knightley Diet and Workout Routine

2. Adding sweeteners. It’s not the pancake that’s fattening. It’s the syrup on top of the pancake that makes you gain weight. It’s not the bread that’s fattening, it’s not the butter, it’s the sweetener in that bread. It’s the combination of a sweetener and the carb that’s devastating.

It’s the sweet in a sweet roll that makes it a killer. Any time you add a sweetenerand that means sugar, honey, maple syrup, molasses, or even raisin syrupto a maxi carb, it’s no go. The combination of a sweetener and a maxi carb neutralizes the enzyme ptyalin. Pancakes drenched with butterterrific. Add a single drop of syrup? Sorry.

3. Mixing protein and carbohydrates is equally destructive. When a fatcontaining protein food hits your stomach, it activates those two enzymes, hydrochloric acid first and later pepsin. Hydrochloric acid breaks up any fat in the food and also activates the pepsin so it can break down the protein. When the hydrochloric acid and pepsin begin func tioning simultaneousİy, the two enzymes set up an acid medium that neutralizes the carbohydrate enzyme, ptyalin. In other words, ptyalin, the carbdigesting enzyme, is shut off as soon as hydrochloric acid and pepsin are working together.

The digestion of protein is so slow and unpredictable that, in terms of pounds gained or lost, once you have eaten a protein in the course of the day, there is no way your body can then digest a carbohydratenot so much as a mush room, a brussels sprout, or a piece of bread.

Meat remains in a particularly efficient stomach for about eight to ten hours, poultry for about seven hours, and fish for approximately six hours. Keep in mind that most of us, having been on such highprotein, highfat diets have pit ifully inefficient stomachs.

Ali is not lost, however. Through time and the great resiliency of your body and with the help of this process you are about to begin, the efficiency of your stomach will increase significantly.

Keira Knightley Diet and Workout Routine

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