Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman’s marriage has been dealt another blow, with a shock new scandal rocking the much-loved couple. After a tough year of long, lonely separations and constant fighting, more tension was the last thing the pair €“ who married in 2006 €“ needed. But now Keith has been left furious’ and devastated over new photos of Nicole passionately kissing Hollywood heart-throb and True Blood sex symbol Alexander Skarsgard. And while 48-year-old Nicole has assured Keith that the sizzling kisses were just for scenes in their upcoming TV show Big Little Lies, the singer’s reportedly livid.

Keith’s actually furious after seeing pictures of Nicole kissing Alex,’ a family insider tells. He knows it’s her job, but she didn’t tell him there were passionate kissing scenes in the show. That’s something she always does, to avoid any problems later on, so Keith’s wondering why she didn’t this time.’ Adding to Keith’s insecurities is Alex’s reputation for seducing his co-stars. The 39-year-old actor has dated no less than six of his leading ladies, sparking whispers that Nicole €“ who fell for first husband Tom Cruise on the set of Days Of Thunder €“ will be next. With everything he’s heard of Alex and his womanising, Keith’s got good reason to be worried,’ says the insider.

Alex has a history of sleeping with his leading ladies, including Alicia Vikander and Ellen Page. Also, Nicole met her first husband on a movie set, so this is really feeding into his insecurities. And the way Nicole’s drooling over Alex should have Keith flying to the set stat.’ The mum-of-four was said to be excited when Alex agreed to star in the new HBO series, in which they play a married couple €“ and the two have since become inseparable’ between takes. Nicole’s had a massive crush on Alex for years,’ a close friend tells. She’s a big fan of True Blood and thinks he’s incredibly talented, plus she loves his brooding good looks.

The facthe’s come straight from his Tarzan film set means he’s rocking some serious muscles right now, so none of the women, including Nicole, know where to look! Nicole’s known Alex for years and partied at Sundance with him in 2013 and again at a fashion show later in the year. She was thrilled when he agreed to sign on to play her husband in Big Little Lies. Everyone’s commenting on how good they look together.’ In the past, Nicole’s revealed that her sex scenes make Keith insanely jealous’, which sources confirm is the reason behind her decision to stay quiet about her kisses with hunky Alex.

Only 12 months ago, Keith was reportedly agonising’ over Nicole’s passionate scenes’ with another co-star, when Nic’s flirty friendship’ with actor Chiwetel Ejiofor on the set of Secret In Their Eyes reportedly had Keith on high alert’. They rehearse together in private, and they’re always giggling and whispering about something,’ a source told Star magazine at the time. They’ve even gone out a couple of nights together. When Keith saw photos of them kissing, he lost it.’ And with similar reports about Nicole and Alex on the set of Big Little Lies, it looks like history could be repeating itself for 48-year-old Keith. Sparks are flying between Nicole and Alex,’ adds the on-set insider.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman

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