Kelly Hu Style Fashion & Looks

Kelly Hu Style Fashion & Looks 2015
Kelly Hu Info Chart

Style Name Kelly Ann Hu
Style Birth; February 13, 1968
Style From; Honolulu, HI
Style Occupations; Actress / Model
Style Relationship; Single

As we were editing this issue, Ms. magazine celebrated its 30th anniversary, and if it strikes you as odd that one magazine particularly a fashion magazine, a genre long a favorite target of some hard core, if misguided, femi nists would recognize a milestone of another, well, so be it. If the feminist movement has been about choices, about revolting against the once ingrained belief that two X chromosomes were a blueprint for a life inside the home, then this issue of Woffers three almost ludicrously disparate models for feminism in the 21st century.

Start with cover girl Beyonce Knowles, who at the tender age of 20 has already made her mark on the music world as the standout of Destiny’s Child and is about to star in the latest Austin Powers flick. Okay, so she wears skimpy costumes onstage, plays a character named Foxxy Cleopatra and confesses to Deputy Editör Christopher Bagley that she is dying for a boyfriend. Cut her a little slack. Even Gloria Steinem got married.

Besides, to paraphrase her hit song “Independent Women Part I,” she’s paying her own way not to men tion providing jobs for everyone in her family, ali working for Beyonce Inc. Then there’s her refreshing display of self esteem in the matter of body image. Although urged to slim down to further her movie career, the defiantly voluptuous star orders a lunch of egg rolls, pizza, popcorn shrimp and strawberry cheesecake. “I love eating,” she telis Bagley, “and I have a problem with being skinny. But I think when you are 20 you should not have to think about what you eat.”

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