It’s wildly uneven, swerving between bad taste gags and charming family moments. But aside from a fun Chris Hemsworth cameo, little sets it apart from the original and it feels overlong. hoh Michael Shannon reveals the latest of his line in magnificent bastards corrupt real estate broker Rick Carver, a merciless entrepreneur feeding off foreclosed Florida properties. Andrew Garfield is his match as the recently evicted builder Carver takes under his slippery wing in Ramin Bahrani’s raging, righteous and thrilling take on the financial crisis fall out. es Steve Oram’s Aaaaaaaah! (eight As, we checked) is a low budget comedy in which humans (including Oram, Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding) talk and act like apes. It’s the surreal bastard son of John Waters and David Lynch, filled with sights (a man ejaculating on a picture of Prince Harry; Toyah Willcox crapping on the floor) you won’t shift for weeks. ch THE CULT COMIC SET TO STORM THE SMALL SCREEN A COMIC FEATURING A LIQUOR swilling vampire (This Is England’s Joe Gilgun), a dead eye markswoman (Ruth Negga) and a possessed Texan priest (Dominic Cooper) on a mission to hunt down God doesn’t seem an obvious candidate for one of the greatest ever written.


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