Ketosis & Ketone Test Strips

Lipolysis Testing Strips How to Get and Use LTS

Using lipolysis testing strips, which hereinafter will be referred to by the acronym LTS, to measure your degree of ketosis lipolysis is in another category from nutritional supplementation. You don’t necessarily have to do it, but it can be an extremely convenient aid to doing the diet. And, if you’re not getting the results you expect, then they will surely help you to clear up the mystery of why that’s so.

After all, the clear basis for going into the strict Induction phase of the diet, the first 14 days, is that you be in ketosis. I’m going to allow you one medium sized tossed salad a day to start. After you’ve used up your 48 hour supply of stored carbohydrate it’s called glycogen you’ll almost certainly enter ketosis.

Your LTS will help to measure how deeply you’ve done so. After the first two weeks, as you increase your carbohydrate, your LTS will help to insure that you don’t increase them too much and fall out of the effective state of ketosis lipolysis.

What Are Lipolysis Testing Strips?

Lipolysis Testing Strips are urine test sticks that when placed in your urine change color depending on what they find there. If you’re excreting ketones in your urine, then the LTS will turn purple. The more ketones excreted, the darker the purple.

LTS are moderately inexpensive, and you can ask your druggist to order them or you may contact the Atkins Center for mail order information. My patients often tell me Lipolysis testing strips is a generic term for a variety of products available for determining, semi quantitatively, the presence of ketone bodies in the urine, thus heralding fat breakdown. One brand, called Bio Ketone strips, was designed for low carbohydrate dieters and is available through mail order. Other brands, designed to warn of Ketoacidosis in diabetics, can also serve as lipolysis testing strips.

that LTS are psychologically supporting. To see them go from beige to purple is to receive in chemical code the message, Vm losing weight.


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