Kim Kardashian Workout Routine Diet Plan

Pineapple is the closest thing to a panacea I have dis covered. If you are ever in doubt as to what corrective counterpart to apply, tu m to pineapple.

Don’t go on a watermelon day or a grape day after something greasy or if cheese has been involved. You will bloat. Use pineapple.

Use rice vinegar (a carb) in salad dressings instead of wine vinegar (a fruit). Salad dressings can be either oil and vinegar or sour cream, garlic, and rice vinegar, loaded with fresh herbs. (See recipes.) The sourcream dressing is added on maintenance and should not be eaten during the weight loss period.

Make cheese a special occasion. Treat it with respect. It is the hardest food to digest, and it contaminates everything you eat it with. Eat it only as the last meal of the day, and even then, only on rare occasions.

If you are on a protein night, you can pick out and eat the protein when it is mixed with other foods and not in terfere with your digestive process.

You cannot do the opposite that is, eat the carb and leave the protein. The carb will not make the protein in digestible but the protein will make the carb indigestible, hence fattening. Take a vegetable beef stew. The odds are that it has a chicken or beefstock base. If you are on a protein meal, pick out the meat and leave the vegetables. Their mere presence won’t affect the digestion of the protein.

Kim Kardashian Workout Routine Diet Plan

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