Kimberly Matula Style

But hardly anyone uses the acronym. Is it well paid? As much as any government wage slave job ever is. Great pension if you haven't slashed your wrists from boredom beforehand. They finally reached an office that had Ann's name on the door.

Kimberly Matula Style

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Once inside, Nick saw that the room was as chaotic as some of Ann's conversations piles of papers, plastic reconstructions of brains, fashion magazines. When he had sat down in front of her desk, he asked, Nor do most men. But they normally think of something.



But then, I would be home soon. Once there, I could think things through if there was thinking to do and call if I decided to. If? Ha? I would be tearing the door down to get at that phone. What goes in, they say, must come out. One way out of a man’s body is in or as his piss. Some things that go in do come out here water, obviously, but there’s more. Ask anyone who’s ever faced a piss stream tainted by asparagus if you have any doubts.

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