Tanner Krolle is now dabbling in fitness. İts Boxer Bag, above, is a super chic gym bag with a waterproof compartment for sweaty workout gear, a pocket for your gym card, and enough room for boxing gloves. £625(02072875121).

There’s no denying it: a manicure or pedicure enjoyed at home is far more relaxing than waiting for your nails to dry at the local salon. Now, you can take the indulgence one step further and some “deeper” treatments chez toi. It’s reassuring, especially if it’s something new to you, to work with a therapist in a safe, familiar environment. Both Urban Zest (020 7736 9111; and Unlisted (0870 225 5007; unlisted will arrive on your doorstep offering an extensive array of tried andtested complementary treatments, practised by highly qualified therapists.

Urbanzest’s Intuitive Life Coach (£120 for two hours) uses psychic skills in conjunction with meditation and candid dialogue to help you overcome your stumbling blocks. its nutritionist (£80 for an hour), meanwhile, will aim to revolutionise your health with a thorough diet and lifestyle overhaul. The list on offer from Unlisted is vast: for the body, “somatotherapy” treatments (£140 an hour), involving a powerful combination of visualisation and various massage techniques for deep relaxation, are available. Or, to regain peace of mind, contact Unlisted’s Intuitive Coach for personal guidance.



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