Kristen Bell Diet Recipes


3 pints mutton, lamb, veal or 1 flour beef broth o butter
1 mince meat Paprika
Juice of i lemon Salt and pepper
2 eggs

Prepare some tiny meat balls by mixing the mince with salt and pepper and one of the beaten eggs. Form into balls about the size of a hazel nut and throw these into the boiling broth. Meanwhile beat the remaining egg with the lemon juice and add the flour gradually until it is smooth. Take the soup off the boil and gradually add in the lemon mixture. Do not boil again as this will curdle the egg. In order to serve it hot, re-heat it carefully if necessary. Melt the butter and mix into it a teaspoon of paprika and decorate each bowl of soup with it just before serving.

Soup from Adana

The mantı for this soup are prepared in the same way as the mantı I have described in the meat section except that for the soup the pastry İs folded into little bags by squeezing it together at the top after the stuffing has been put in; any left-overs from the main mantı dish would be ideal for the soup.

Prepare a mutton stock and then add one tablespoon of chick peas to the stock and simmer them until they are soft.

If you are using fresh mantt, they should be simmered in the same stock for fifteen minutes, but if you are warming up some left-over mantt then they need only be warmed up in the soup. Make a fresh tomato purée and pour it into the soup just before serving.

The chick peas could be omitted in this soup as they merely serve to thicken it a bit; the mantt are just as good in a clear broth. A yogurt sauce can also be used instead of the tomatoes if preferred.

For the method of preparing mantt see page 61.

Kristen Bell Diet Recipes

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