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Ruf Records ………

Classy blues nod to giants, drenched with horns

It is encouraging to see young talents like Ina Forsman acknowledge their predecessors, yet deliver a sharp twist, revitalising a genre currently seemingly soaked in guitars. Finnish accordion player Helge Talqvist introduced Forsman to the blues world and with this brassy debut she gracefully steps onto world stage with a set of recordings also imbued with piano to evoke a blues style from a bygone era.

The release was recorded in Austin, Texas and produced with great passion by Mark Kazanof. Kazanof also contributes saxophone as part of The Texas Horns amid a stellar band line-up of Laura Chavez and Derek O’Brien on guitar, Nick Connolly on keys, Russell Jackson – who played for years with BB King – on bass and Tommy Taylor on drums. Helge Talqvist guests on harmonica and completing The Texas Horns with John Mills (sax, flute), Al Gomez (trumpet, Flugel horn) and Aaron Kazanoff (trumpet). Ina and the band recorded ten originals and a solitary but divine cover.

Ina penned all the lyrics, co-writing most of the music with Tomi Leino, to this collection of songs that often mirrors her own life in a personal manner. One example is Pretty Messed Up, a last love-letter to her ex boyfriend. The piano and horns on title cut Hanging Loose provide a confident swagger, before the obligatory guitar solo underpins the riveting vocals, as this powerhouse of a singer recollects the childhood influence of R&B singer Christina Aguilera. The line and vibe of begging you please on standout Don’t Hurt Me Now instantly recalled the blues/rock of Layla by Derek and the Domino’s. Cover, the sultry I Want A Little Sugar adds contemporary styling to jazz/blues standard popularised by Nina Simone.

With HANGING LOOSE, Ina delivers a fine performance in a musical genre so woven into modern music’s fabric it is difficult to bring something completely original. I take solace knowing that the album will find pride of place in many soul-blues collections. Tony Wilding

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