He gazed over Nick’s head and addressed the woman in the dock. Do you agree that you were not willing to give evidence before the court last week? Jackie sat inspecting a small tear in her lycra body suit in the region of her navel. Stand up when I am speaking to you. barked the judge. Now do you acceptI done nothing. she said. That’s the point, madam.




His transformation for latest movie In The Heart Of The Sea saw CHRIS HEMSWORTH on a drastic diet which came between him and his wife, the actor has revealed. To play a sailor stranded at sea, Chris, 32, endured a starvation diet of just 500 calories a day, which he says was difficult for his wife of five years, model and actress, ELSA PATAKY (below).

She has to put up with my moods unfortunately,’ he said. By the end of it she was happy for me to start eating again.’ Chris also said that after the strict regime came to an end he and his family – he is dad to India,

It gave me a bit of a food hangover as I hadn’t eaten anything like that for a while.’ Best known for playing muscly superhero Thor, Chris lost 33lb to play the role and, in character, looks gaunt and malnourished with protruding bones. Posting a snap of his shocking look in the film, he captioned the snap (above): Just tried a new diet/ training program called Lost At Sea . Wouldn’t recommend it.’

Nude photos of MADONNA have emerged. taken 36 years ago when she was just a young wannabe dreaming of fame.

The black and white pictures. which have resurfaced from her time working as a life model in her native New York. were shot during a photography class run by the acclaimed snapper MARTIN HM SCHRIEBER. He met the aspiring singer. then 21. while running a workshop and alleges that they briefly became lovers.

Dubbed the ‘lost nudes’. the sultry shots – which show the singer posing confidently for the camera (below were originally published in the May edition of Playboy. They’re also included in the pages of a new book. Madonna: Nudes II.

The singer. now 57. looks amazing in the snaps – and bears a striking resemblance to her 17-year-old daughter.

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