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The combination of any three proteins from any category, excluding nuts. Nuts combine only with other nuts. Examples:
• Clams, oysters, and lobster
• Mixed grili: lamb chop, veal chop, and a fillet of beef
• Cracked crab, steak, and cheesecake
• Chickenliver omelette and bacon


There are two types:
1. One carb and one protein. You follow the rule of eating the protein last. Eat the carb first, and once you have taken your first bite of protein, do not go back to the carb. Examples:
• Salad and steak
• Asparagus and fillet of sole
• Chocolate cake and chicken. (Yes, here dessert will pre cede the chicken.)

The entity unto itself. Since we can only get away with just so many miscombinations this is the type of open miscombination you’ll probably most often choose, the type that really feeds your heart and your soul.

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