Lady Gaga Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Lady Gaga Workout Routine & Diet Plan

The drug, caffeine, is also found in tea, cola drinks, cocoa, and chocolate. It is one of the xanthines, a class of chemicals that, by stimulating the central nervous system, causes brain and spinal cord disturbances. Two or three cups of coffee contain enough caffeine to stimulate the cerebral cortex of the brain, sharpen the senses, distort muscular coordination, and hamper timing.

Heavy coffee drinkers experience the three distinct signs of addiction; tolerance for the drug, withdrawal symptoms when it is removed, and craving after deprivation. Caffeine’s addictive properties have been confirmed by many studies.

At the Stanford University School of Medicine, Dr.

Drug Induced Mental Illness 101

Avram Goldstein and Dr. Sophia Kaizer studied 239 young married women and their coffee drinking habits. The heaviest users, those who routinely drank five or more cups of coffee each day, told the investigators why they invariably began their day with coffee; “I need it to get started in the morning,” 1 need it to give me a lift,” “to calm my nerves,” ‘‘for stimulation,” “to give me energy,” “because it’s a habit.” Each answer reveals the “need” that spells addiction.

These heavy coffee drinkers exhibited typical withdrawal symptoms when they gave up coffee; headaches, irritability, nervousness, restlessness, and inability to work effectively, compounded by lethargy. Drinking a cup of coffee promptly relieved their withdrawal symptoms.

Caffeinism, which leads to what is commonly called “coffee nerves,” has often been misdiagnosed as a psychological ailment.
Lady Gaga Style Fashion & Looks 2015

Lady Gaga Info Chart

Style Name Joanne Stefani Germanotta
Style Birth; March 28, 1986
Style From; Yonkers, NY
Style Occupations; Singer / Songwriter / Musician
Style Relationship; In a Relationship with Taylor Kinney
A-List; A-List?

Lady GaGa (AKA Joanne Stefani Germanotta) is one of the new crop of American performers. Lady GaGa went to the same Catholic school as the Hilton sisters, but claims to never have seen them for more than 10 seconds. Pic and vid of Lady GaGa

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