Laetitia Casta Diet Plan Workout Routine

Laetitia Casta Diet Plan

What Caases Emotional Illness
would still be on the couch, involved in an in depth exploration of her subconscious mind with an aim toward uncovering early childhood traumas, the presumed psychic damage being rooted in an oppressive upbringing by unresponsive or domineering parents.

Had she joined an encounter group, Mrs. S. and her husband might be involved in “sensitivity” training sessions with other unhappily marrieds, their sex lives being duly explored while the group leader tried to induce better communication and understanding between them.
Had she joined a Women s Liberation consciousness raising group, the feminists might have convinced her that she was suffering from a suppressed need for individual fulfillment as she juggled tie roles of cook, wife, mother, chauffeur, and handmaiden to a male chauvinist husband.

Had Mrs. S. talked her difficulties over with her mother in law, her best friend, her minister, rabbi, or priest, she might have been advised that she needed a vacation, a hobby, a “spiritual retreat,” or a “chance to get away from the children.”

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