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Lara Stone Diet Plan

In a state hospital near Munich, Germany, two California psychologists recruited sixty eight male volun teers, all of whom were lower class inveterate drunks, for a typical punishment oriented experiment. They plied their subjects with liquor for almost two weeks. Then, as their subjects drank, they got intermittent nasty shocks from a 1.5 volt battery along with their booze. After twelve days of this drink plus shock regime, none of the men could even smell liquor without choking and gasping. Yet six months later 53 percent of the group had gone back to the bottle.
It is not surprising that pain laden rehabilitative programs are often ineffective. The built in “pain” suffered by alcoholics strained and broken relations with loved ones, loss of prestige, career, income, status, and hope seldom provides sufficient motivation for drinkers to give up their habits.

Nor can drinkers be frightened by the dangers they face. Public service campaigns aimed at drinking drivers have proved so ineffective that the Honda Motor Company is experimenting with ways in which the car itself may soon police the highways. Honda is developing a sensor that sniffs out a motorist’s whiskey breath, then locks the ignition. If the driver cagily starts the engine when he is sober and then begins to drink while driving, the sensor will issue a curt warning to pull over before the motor cuts itself off.

America’s number one health problem has the distinction of being the one ailment that the medical community has largely turned over to the lay public. Doctors, and police officials, family counselors, and social workers, routinely refer excessive drinkers to Alcoholics Anonymous. Although the success of A.A. is impressive, A.A. is not the whole and only answer to alcoholism. Its promise of recovery through the famous Twelve Steps is only to those who are willing to take the first step, who will admit they are powerless over alcohol and that their lives have become unmanageable. Unfortunately very few alcoholics take this step.

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