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That was part of it. And he had been around so much, he had known so many women, he had been married twice, he had a fourteen year old son living with his first wife near Las Vegas, he had fought in three wars. Anita was in love with the fabric of his past, as well as the more immediate physical shock of his presence. It sounded crazy but just looking at his arms excited her. He had rolled up the sleeves of his shirt, revealing strong muscular arms, even the veins that ran the length of his arms aroused her desire, they seemed to throb with vitality. His chest was deep, Anita used to like to rest her head on it. His shoulders were broad, heavy, she felt they would protect her in all emergencies.

Larry David Style Fashion & Looks 2015
Larry David Info Chart

Style Name Lawrence Gene “Larry” David
Style Birth; July 2, 1947
Style From; Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Style Occupations; Actor
Style Relationship; Single

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