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Rolex is facing a tough backhand from tennis star Andre Agassi, who has filed a federal lawsuit in Las Vegas against the luxury watch brand, alleging the company misappropriated his identity in its TV advertisements.

According to Agassi’s suit, ads that ran in the summer of 2014 showed his image and those of other players at the annual Grand Slam tennis tournament at Wimbledon interspersed with shots of a Rolex watch face. A commercial from the following year shows preparation for a match between Agassi and Patrick Rafter, with a sales message at the end from Rolex.

Agassi, who has endorsed other products and currently has a deal with Nike, claims Rolex did not have his con sent and is seeking $2 million in damages, plus rev enues from the advertisements. Rolex has declined to comment on the suit, but based on Agassi’s wicked serve, the company might be well advised to fight this battle off the courts.

Las Vegas Street Style & Fashion

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