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One more word about sun and your skin. You’ve probably heard all the pros and cons already. You surely know that sun is something to watch out for. Sure, it’s great to tan looks good, makes you feel good. But, if taken in improper doses, it can age you long before your time. It can give you distinctly unlovely sun spots, sometimes spots severe enough to require surgical removal. And sometimes those spots turn out to be skin cancer.

All of which should give you a pretty idea of how easy to take it when it comes to doses of Sol.

Besides all that, did you know that the very same sun that gives you vitamin D in the first place can work so your skin can’t absorb that vitamin? For, the tanner you get, the less D your skin forms and, what is worse, the thicker your skin gets (which it most certainly does with overtanning just think of the leathery skin you’ve seen at seaside resorts), the harder it is for any vitamin D or any other good thing, for that matter to be absorbed.

Even the experts have their own theories on sunbathing, for they understand the human predilection for the relaxing benefits of those lazy days by the sea. Erno Laszlo believed that sun is not harmful providing that you give your skin adequate protection and that you never, never take the sun between the hours of 12 noon and 3 p.m. Naturally, this is when everyone is out there, destroying all the benefits they might derive from a wiser sunbathing course of action. Janet Sartin, on the other hand, simply believes you should stay out of the sun. 1 believe that’s pretty hard to do.

But, on the other hand, I’ve seen too many erstwhile beautiful complexions wrecked by unwise sunbathing, so no matter how great it may feel for the moment, consider the consequences. And whatever you do, don’t, repeat don’t, think you should slather a sun-tanned skin with cream. It won’t undo the damage over-tanning already will have wrought. It will just give you a leathery skin that sags down, down, down. Tan, perhaps, but Let me also point out that a lot of exposure to the sun can eat up a lot of vitamin B. (After all, vitamin B makes the melanin the pigment that makes you tan.) So, if you’re out there, make sure you take plenty of B vitamins beforehand so your skin is sun-planned.


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