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From local to international, these design duos prove the value of teamwork. Here’s a crash course in how they keep up their team spirit.


THEY MET 10 years ago while studying fashion.

LALESSO was inspired by vintage Kanga textiles found in Lamu, a village in Northern Kenya THEY are both creative and business-oriented the makings of a great team THEIR designs start with a moodboard, which they both add to little by little to keep them on the same wavelength, and the inspiration flows naturally B E S T P A R T A B O U T W O R K I N G W I T H SOMEONE ELSE? Having someone to share the ups and downs with (and it’s more fun!)

MARC OLIVER & IN‰S CUATRECASAS MILLE COLLINES THEIR first collection together was eight years ago for Ines’s career thesis project and in 2009 Mille Collines was born IN‰S and Marc were a couple when the brand launched (which made the start-up easier) and are still very close friends ALTHOUGH they share a common aesthetic, they argue constantly at the start of a collection. And then they always end up agreeing THEIR design themes are rooted in Africa and updated by current trends D E S I G N I N G T O G E T H E R IS BETTER BECAUSE?

The energy to try and convince the other person that you have a more valid point is key in the generation of new and better ideas. Designing in tandem helps us keep perspective MANUELA & AMALIA SIERRA MAAJI A S sisters they have been working together their whole lives, they are soul mates and best friends COMING from an entrepreneurial family, business was in their blood, and what better business partner than one’s own sister? ALTHOUGH they are both creative, they were brought up in a business-minded way and this thinking is always at the forefront of decisions MAAJI IS INSPIRED BY MAGIC magic in the people they work with that is present in the final pro.

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