Latest Fashion Trends 2014 & 2015

“Every woman interested in making a rea entrance at the couture at some point,” sa) reports on Becca Thrash, a Houston pu January at the couture. According to Wesl Texas hostess, Lynn ”OCfyatt. “Becca’s a rea her credit for enjoying herself. She’ll haafraid to muss her hair.”

After two years in Paris, West says he rea is. “The culture shock has finally arrived,” ] different from living in New “fork excepı how totally foreign you are. Growing up in1 the country, but you can’t take the country clarly in British Vogue, Vogue Hommes and Harp Tommy Hilfiger ad campaign featuring president 2001 issue, Smith photographed an Amsterdam in 46 MAY 2015 WWW.WMAGAZINE.COM

Fashion photographer Smith traveled to Costa princess’ fairy tale world with Russian model of d collections from New York, Paris and Milan. Sn stranger to W, having jump started his career pho cation, WWD, backintheearly Nineties.

Among the many projects he has on tap are dir X rated soap opera thriller written by novelist I Squat Studio Video, for which Smith enlisted four desolate studio in Brooklyn. More of Smith’s d videos for Jane’s Addiction and Fishbone.

Latest Fashion Trends 2014 & 2015

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