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It’s easy to emerge from a workout feeling like you could have done more – lifted heavier weights, taken less rest, moved a bit faster. In fact, data in the journal PLOS One shows that exercisers are poor judges of workout intensity, estimating workout efforts to be higher than they are.

But there’s a foolproof way to ensure you work out at the right intensity – go to a heart-rate class. These days, there’s a good chance there’s one near you. Generally accepted by fit pros as a great way of measuring workout intensity, these classes use heart rate monitors to keep you moving in the right zone. Think: 65-75 per cent of MHR [max heart rate] for low-intensity moves; 75-85 per cent for moderate-intensity exercises, and 85+ per cent for high-intensity activities.

As Matt Bolam, head trainer at heart-rate studio Speedflex, explains: Heart-rate monitors help motivate you, allowing you to work to your maximum. By monitoring your heart rate, we can let you know how many calories you’ve burnt and the time spent in high-intensity training zones.

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