Lauren Conrad Style

He defied conventional wisdom by shooting with natural light only, and in chronological order, and has emerged with something we have never seen before. The imagery is sublime, ancient landscapes straight out of an Albert Bierstadt painting and weird wastelands pulled from Glass' subconscious. The score, by Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto, is doomy and primal. And those eccentric grace notes that buoyed up Birdman are present too at one point a character's ragged breath fogs up the screen.

It took a crazed drive equal to Glass' own to put together this mad feat of a film.

Lauren Conrad Style

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At least nobody got mauled by a bear along the way. Verdict Inarritu turns a creaky bit of frontier mythology into a gruelling, exquisite, mystical odyssey of survival that will make you want to cancel that camping trip.



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