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The story of Anitas life. Lou smoked too much. As she walked the few blocks from her garden apartment to Elaines on Second Avenue, she had a strong almost overwhelming desire for a Gauloise but she did not allow herself to light one. For one thing she felt vulgar smoking in the street, but mainly she had decided to cut down on smolung in general, it was too typical a career girl hang up and she could not bear the thought of being typical anything, it was too frightening a thought. It was freezing cold on Second Avenue and Lou felt grateful for the Kohinoor mink that David had given her last year on her twenty seventh birthday. In only six more months she would be twenty eight and what had she really accomplished? She was nobody, nothing, not a great success in work, no success at all in terms of love or marriage. The years had gone so quickly.

Lauren Sanchez Style Fashion & Looks 2015
Lauren Sanchez Info Chart

Style Name Wendy Lauren Sánchez
Style Birth; December 19, 1969
Style From; Albuquerque, New Mexico
Style Occupations; News anchor, Media Personality
Style Relationship; Married to Patrick Whitesell
A-List; B-List

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