Lavender Essential Oils

Lavender is known as the Universal Essential Oil because it performs a multitude of functions. It is exceptionally soothing on the skin and produces powerful physical and emotional impact with a scent so relaxing and cooling on the body. It boosts vitality and stamina.

It is also anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-depressant, mixing well with a lot of other essential oils. This is the main reason why it is a top choice ingredient for homemade cosmetics and beauty products such as lotions, soaps, gels and creams.

To benefit from its calming and relaxing properties, drop a few drops of lavender oil on your palm (2-3 drops), rub both hands together and then cup over your nose and inhale. You will soon begin to feel the relaxing effect on your mind and body particularly if you have had a bad day. You can also rub on your feet, wrist and ON your ears. Do same for a fussy child.

Do you have rash, burns, acne, scars, wound or any kind of skin trouble? Apply Lavender. You may apply undiluted but if the area is really large, you should mix with carrier oil and apply. To soothe aches and pains, combine 10 drops of essential oil and 2 tablespoons of carrier oil or lotion and then massage areas of discomfort.

Lavender essential oil is effective for hair care and proven to be exceptionally destructive to lice, nits and lice eggs. It controls dandruff, keeps the hair shiny and stimulates the scalp. It also stops hair loss and adds nutrients to the hair.

You can also make your home refreshingly inviting by simmering dried lavender with some citrus peels in a pot of water and let the relaxing fragrance fill your home. Ward off moths in your drawers and closets by placing dried lavender sachets.

Lavender essential oil works wonders for tired and sore muscles. Simply add 4 drops to 1/2 cup of Epsom salts and soak your cares away. Do not forget to rinse off afterwards. Relieve a stuffy nose by adding 5 drops of lavender to a humidifier.

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Massage gently onto the abdomen for menstrual discomfort and if you are concerned your kids may have picked up some germs at play, put a few drops in a roll on bottle and rub gently on the bottoms of their feet for immune support. Alleviate insomnia and enjoy a deep and restful sleep by putting 1-2 drop on the bottoms of your feet or on your pillow before bed time. Repel mosquitoes by adding 2-3 drops lavender to a carrier oil and then spritz on your body.

Overall, a bottle of Lavender is your home will do a whole lot for everyone, including pets as the oil also works well on dogs, cats and horses. It is also gentle enough for a baby’s use (dilute 751/2). It is an essential oil that will uplifts your spirits and relive your senses.

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