Layered cuts with bangs for long hair

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SAY YES TO By encouraging you to say yes, I am not advocating you agree to everything that presents itself to you. There are many things that you must say a big no to, of course, and these include drugs, cheating, and indiscriminate and irresponsible sexual activities. I encourage you to say yes to new opportunities, challenges and experiences that make life richer, more fulfilling and colourful. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE You must overcome your addiction to the predictable, conquer your fear of rejection and failure, and simply learn to trust. Layered cuts with bangs for long hair Try something new for the first time because your life is a precious gift and you should take all the opportunities that come along. Learn to do something new, laugh, travel, make new friends, learn a new language, try some new cuisine or change your dress code – do something fun for you! In this new year, open your heart and your mouth, and say yes to life. USE KOMBAT ANTS AND WEEDS THIS SUMMER ANTS: Controls ants, harvester termites, lawn caterpillars and various insect pests. WEEDS: Control of annual broadleaf weeds in the home garden. Available at all leading Garden Centres, Hardware Stores, Co-op’s and Retail Outlets.

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