Leo Celebrity Hair Twins 2015

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A few years ago, when I was having a bad time in the press, I attacked back. Some people would have shielded themselves, or retreated or brushed it off. I came out fighting, hiding my hurt behind fury. There is a well-known story of me going round to writer andjournalist Nicci Gerrard’s house after she had thrashed me in print. I stood on her doorstep, literally roaring. This is classic Leo-rising stuff, and I was an idiot to do it, but Leo rarely thinks twice, and by then it’s too late because everyone has been eaten alive, including my poor old Virgo self, hiding behind her wayward lion. Many of us will recognise a similar schizophrenic feeling in the gap between our public and private selves, and this feeling often correlates with a sun or moon sign in a “difficult aspect” to the ascendant.

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