Leonardo DiCaprio Style & Diet Plan

I didn’t have to be afraid anymore; I could schedule them in more often. I was overcome with joy and relief, and when I looked in the mirror again, my hip bones had reappeared.

What a sense of security the scale affords! From that moment on I haven’t traveled without one. I have a small, very lightweight bathroom scale that slips easily into the bottom of my suitcase.

Your scale is your best friend; it’s your nonjudgmental lover. It is the one truly objective observer in your life. It has no ulterior motives. It no longer telis you if you’ve been good or bad, but rather if what you are doing, what you are eating is working or not working. And if it’s not working, if you’ve gained a little, big deal; it’s not the end of the world.

Leonardo DiCaprio Style & Diet Plan

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