This is Your Diet Wherever You Go
It’s true I began by talking about eating at home, and for a reason. The person in his or her own habitat, living with the refrigerator, is the basic prototype. This is the world in which food is always there for the asking, this is the land of temptations, and often gluttony. Sitting at the kitchen table and wondering, What shall I eat?
The answer is always the same: Eat as much as you want of the permitted foods. If you’ve spent a whole lifetime plagued by food cravings usually, I know, straightforward carbohydrate cravings then the pleasant truth is that hunger isn’t going to occupy as much of your time and thought. Oh, yes, you’ll still have an appetite, and you’ll still eat
with pleasure and delight, but the days of obsession are on the way to being past. What a joy not to always be hungry and always be tired and always be searching for some satisfying physical solution that you’ve never been quite able to reach. That’s the lifestyle of the carbohydrate addict, which so many of you are, and it’s a profoundly exhausting and irritating lifestyle that you’ll be eternally happy to be rid of.
But what about when you’re not sitting at the kitchen table? Well, I hope it’s clear to you just how easy this diet is to follow in all the circumstances of life. On weekends, in restaurants, on the job, when you travel a lot unless someone imprisons you in a candy store you really have nothing to worry about. Of course, the diet is not completely adaptable to dinner parties given by hostesses with fixed ideas about what everyone should eat. You’ll need a little ingenious diplomacy to get you out of that one.
Of course, there are also the airlines the Last Final Frontier of Junk Food. I’ll have some further remarks on airlines in my chapter on eating in the Real World, but for the moment, I have a suggestion to make that applies just to your 14 days on the Induction diet. I think you should try to choose a two week stretch in which you’re not traveling, not vacationing, and not attending other people’s dinner parties. These first two weeks are important, so why make them difficult?

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