Lily Aldridge Diet Plan Workout Routine

Lily Aldridge Diet Plan

Dr. Harold Greenwald, a well known clinical psychologist and author of Decision Therapy, has commented that somewhere along the line, for a variety of reasons, the alcoholic has consciously or unconsciously made the “decision” to drink. “Most alcoholic’s decisions to stop drinking,” he states, “are ‘wishes,’ not decisions. Often you have to change the chemical composition of a disturbed person with diet or drugs.”
Alcoholics and schizophrenics are biochemical kissing kin. In extreme cases their hallucinations are remarkably alike and have similar chemical origins. Common to both are abnormal carbohydrate metabolism, hormone imbalance, nutrient deficiency, liver dysfunction, wheat grain allergy, and functional or metabolic disorder in the brain.

Of the numerous rehabilitative programs advocated by experts, clinicians have found nutritional therapy to work best. Megavitamin therapy, which successfully salvages some schizophrenics, has proved to be dramatically effective with alcoholics.

In an ongoing study of niacin (vitamin B3) therapy undertaken by Dr. Russell F. Smith, medical director of Michigan State Boys’ Training School, 86 percent of the hard core alcoholics were helped. Niacin doses ranged from 4 to 20 grams, according to need, with an average dose of 6 grams, divided into four doses after meals and at bedtime.

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Lily Aldridge Diet Plan Workout Routine

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