Lily-Rose Depp is Now a Chanel Model


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Lily-Rose Depp is Now a Chanel Model Photo Gallery, models, lily-rose depp, chanel, fashion news Lily-Rose Depp is Now a Chanel Model Picture Gallery.

Lily-Rose Depp is Now a Chanel Model Photo Gallery

Kate Hudson LAX Airport Style



Adam, a 33-year-old businessman who’s been having an affair for the past three months, agrees:

“I tried to tell my wife for years that we needed to surprise one another once in a while, but she couldn’t understand why and said she was happy with the way things were. Perhaps if we had tried to drag each other into the bedroom instead of turning on the TV every night things might be different now. At the end of the day a man is a man. You’ve got to forget equality for one minute and go

back to basics. Men like women to be loving and caring in the home but a bit of a slut in the bedroom. And, of course, that works the other way round. Men have got to fulfil women’s needs, too.”

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