London Fashion Week Street Style

Welsh, W’s Senior Editör, this month profiled novelist Rick Moody, whose first non fiction book, a memoir titled The Black Veil, is about to hit bookstores. Although its subject a downward spiral into alcohol and depression that landed Moody in a men tal hospital is pretty morose, Welsh says that the writer has a wry sense of humor about it ali.

“It’s certainly not Standard recoveryspeak,” she says. “Moody delves into his family history among the Maine Puritans and then relates it to his own difficulties during his 20s.” Welsh traveled to Saratoga Springs, New ’fork, to meet Moody, who had taken up res idence nearby at the artists’ colony Yaddo, where he was working on his next novel.

“I like interviewing writers because they’re so articulate, and you can really get into lively discussions with them,” she says. Welsh, who edits a wide range of stories for the maga zine, profiled actor Josh Hartnett in the January issue.

London Fashion Week Street Style

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