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Set in the middle of the 21st century, the concept of the series is that there is an infinite chain of parallel earths existing alongside ours. It’s soon discovered that there are natural steppers’ who don’t need stepping boxes’ to move from one world to another, and they become the pioneers of The Long Earth. Joshua Valiente and Sally Linsay are two, as are Lobsang and Agnes. There is a threat to The Long Earth, and it will take a huge sacrifice to prevent its destruction. I so enjoyed this; more than the previous two in the series. The intricate, detailed world Baxter and Pratchett have created is so clever. Sadly, book five, due for release in 2016, is the last in the series, as Terry Pratchett died this year. Petra in Pimlico, in her sixties, single and lonely. Li-Jing in China, kept in the dark about her husband’s trips to West Africa while she’s struggling to deal with their inability to have children. Jeremy and Bev, also in West Africa, happy as can be -according to Bev’s regular email updates. And Lorrie in Texas, struggling to make ends meet, and with a husband away in the army for months at time. Their secrets link them all, across the globe, as they deal with infidelity, surrogacy, life in Africa and strange business dealings. This book’s twists and turns carry you along, never knowing what you’ll find next. An absorbing page-turner. To stand a chance to win, SMS the keyword of the book of your choice, along with your name and postal/physical and email addresses to 37174. SMSes cost R1,50. Free SMSes don’t apply. For rules, see page 145.

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