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The risk of using immunosuppressive drugs is high. With your immune system suppressed by these agents, you are at an elevated risk of infection and malignancies. High doses of cyclosporine may cause serious kidney damage, according to the Physicians’ Desk Ref erence. If you’ve been previously treated with PUVA (see belovv) or anthralin, you are at an increased risk for skin malignancies. Isoprinosine Isoprinosine is a very old drug that has been tested extensively in other countries as an antiviral and antitumor agent. It appears to

be beneficial in treating herpes, genital warts, influenza, HIV, and alopecia areata.
Isoprinosine is manufactured in Costa Rica but is not available in the United States. Many AIDS patients have traveled to Mexico to bring isoprinosine into the United States because it may be of some value in treating this dreaded immune disease. It’s not a cure for AIDS, hovvever.


Research shows that isoprinosine is a povverful immune boosting drug. To date, at least three scientific studies have looked into its effect on alopecia areataali vvith positive results. In one of these studies, twenty five patients were treated vvith isoprinosine for twenty weeks, followed by twenty weeks of treatment vvith a placebo. Ali of the participants had suffered from alopecia totalis for at least one year.

Eleven of the patients experienced new hair grovvth as a result of taking the drug. What’s more, the drug enhanced their immunity. The researchers noted that isoprinosine “is a safe and effective therapy for certain patients vvith alopecia totalis.”


Apparently, the drug has fevv, other than dizziness, slight stomachache, and itching.
According to the Life Extension Foundation, an advocate of altemative medicine, the FDA has said that it vvill not approve isoprinosine because its manufacturer promoted the drug’s benefıt for early stage AIDS patients without first obtaining the FDA’s permission.

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