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How this industry will exploit you and teach you to exploit clients.

The majority of apprentices will be a cleaner or shampooer for at least the first 2 years. Your employer will use you as cheap labor and then replace you as your wages go up with someone new. In this country Hairdressing Apprenticeships are for 3-4 years, which is ridiculous. There is no reason why after 3 months or earlier with professional training you should not be on the floor.

You can find a Fast Track Hairdressing Training School on the internet that will have you fully qualified within 1 year. Taking 3-4 years is too long as the drop out rate shows, which at present is 50%. Adding to this, is the low hourly rate of approx $6.40 (at time of writing). Be proactive and find a quicker way to becoming qualified.

Once you have decided which section of hairdressing you want to do be progressive and go and do a cutting course and or a coloring course. You must promote yourself and be proactive.

Before you take on this profession, look for a Salon that is going to suit you. Don’t start in a Salon that does lots of coloring if you want to be a cutter. Search out the best Salon that suits your needs. Look at cutting videos, be inspired by magazines, and practice on friends. Be inspired by the shape of objects. I was once inspired by the fall and growth of a palm plant for a haircut.

If you want to become a haircutter I strongly suggest that you learn men’s barbering. This will teach you scissor over comb, tapering and fading techniques. It will teach you to cut without using hairclips and to cut at a fast flowing pace. It will teach you to cut with electric clippers that you can also use on women’s haircutting for long or short haircuts.

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