Long Haircuts With Side Swept Bangs 

Avoid product build-up by using products that contain natural ingredients. Avoid hot oil treatments that contain mineral oil, heavy cholesterol type conditioners, petroleum based products. Finally, avoid hairsprays, mousses and gels that have a high alcohol or butane content.

Long Haircuts With Side Swept Bangs 

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Air Dry, Hood Dry or Diffuse. Curly and kinky hair can quickly become frizzy hair in the drying phase of the styling process. While using a diffuser can add a much-needed boost to looser curls, a hooded dryer is often the better option for kinkier curl types.

If you have a really tight curl and kinky texture, try a hooded dryer. The heat from a hooded dryer flows down so it won’t disturb the curl as much as a blow dryer or diffuser. Air drying the hair is the best method for drying to retain the hair’s moisture.

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