Long Hairstyle Trends 2015


It’s not clear yet what the most effective dosage might be, or vvhether cimetidine should even be used to treat hair loss. But in a 1987 study, ten women with moderate to severe androgenetic alopecia took 300 milligrams of cimetidine orally five times day.

They stayed on the drug for an average of five months. Seven patients showed good to excellent regrowth of their hair, and no majör side effects were reported.

The dosage used in this study was only slightly higher than what is normally prescribed for ulcer patients. In other vvords, the amount that sparks hair regrowth is not a megadose.

While this is a fascinating study, more research into the antibalding effects of cimetidine is needed. Because it is not approved for treating baldness, do not take cimetidine for hair loss unless you re under medical supervision.


Long Hairstyle Trends 2015

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