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ON has another meaning as well. It describes David’s transformation from ‘oil guy’ to musician. Long hairstyles for fine hair On location in Kazakhstan, entertainment was in short supply at the end of a long work day. The choices were limited: Heavy drinking at a home-made bar or an early sack time. Bradley chose an off-list alternative: He started a band with his co-workers. At project’s end, that band was invited to perform at a ‘thank you’ party for the local villagers. The oil company arranged for a professional stage and lighting, equipment that drew little notice on show day. A few children played casually by the stage during sound-check, but by evening word had spread throughout the village. Police estimated a turnout of 25 to

30,000 for a band that had never played for more than ten people in a bar! The party and the band rocked all night long, and ‘the seed was sewn.’

At his next work assignment in Siberia, David again started a band, this time with local musicians. The group recorded a few of his original songs, and Bradley took the music to London to have it mixed. Inexplicably, songs recorded in Siberia by a British vocalist and backed by Russian jazz musicians had an American country flavour, prompting the mix engineer to write an email from Abbey Road. That message went to Judy Libow, then Vice-President of Radio Promotion for Atlantic Records, and Judy loved the rough and raw SONGS FROM A DIRT ROAD. ‘Who’s your manager?’ she asked, and when David responded ‘I don’t have one; I’m an oil engineer and don’t profess to know how to do this,’ the VP was firm: ‘I think you should move to Nashville.’

He did. Packed his guitar and suitcase, said goodbye to his girl and the oil company and was soon ‘movin’ on’. Admits Bradley: ‘It’s been a crazy, roller coaster, surreal ride ever since,’ a ride that now finds the independent artist comfortably in the driver’s seat, subject only to the pressure he places on himself, making and performing the kind of music that he’s always wanted to do. The follow-up to his American debut album has been nearly a year and a half in the making, and David is ‘itching to get it out.’ Produced by Rivers Rutherford, LOVING OUT LOUD will include 14 songs, carefully selected from hundreds of candidates. David hopes that each of those songs will do something when it walks past your ear, make you laugh, cry, dance, make you feel something. Too many current songs, he believes, have no weight, barely tickling the ear with a passing reference to pickup trucks, beer drinking,

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