Look Younger with Vitamins

Vitally Beautiful Vitamins

I believe in vitamins. I mean I believe in megadoses of vitamins. Not just for common colds and other cures. But for beauty. We all know that healthy food is beautiful, that vitamins found in food are beautiful. But we have seen, and you can check the chart again, if you don’t believe, that food alone won’t do the beauty work. It can’t. You just couldn’t hold that much food. And, while the vitamins you get from your food may be more potent than the ones that come in a capsule, you couldn’t prove it by me.

Now I’m not telling you to give up good, natural, healthy food for a pill. I’m saying you ought to supplement that same good, natural, healthy food with plenty of vitality-giving vitamins. Beauty-making vitamins. Youth-making vitamins.

But watch that bottle! Vitamin labels need to be checked just like any others (and I hope that by now you’ve learned to do that without a second thought). You ought to know what you’re popping into your mouth, whether it’s food or a pill. I know a few bargain-minded people who will travel all over the city to find vitamins a few cents cheaper. Of course, they haven’t checked to see whether there’s anything in that bottle. They only check the price.

Believe me, some of those so-called bargains in vitamins are bargains only to the manufacturers who foist them off on an unsuspecting health-minded public. Learn to know how much you need of each vitamin and then make sure it’s in that bottle! (Don’t worry. I’ll tell you soon.)

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