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More recently, another attitude has been gaining ground. It might be possible, it even might be practical and effective, to substitute for these negative views a positive program. Instead of asking how a depression could be avoided or compensated for once it had arrived, we could lay out a program for producing whatever the nation most needed and then try to keep production high in gaining these goals. We know that needs here and in the rest of the world are far greater than the utmost possible total of production can satisfy.

Depression would necessarily be avoided if only we could keep busy making and distributing urgently required goods and services.

Lorraine Nicholson Style

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Not anti depression measures, but proproduction measures, may yield the greatest benefit. Fabulous Nail Colors for Fall to Try in Nails Gel Nail Colors on Pinterest Opi, Gel Nails and Swatch Nude nails, great for the work week.



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