Los Angeles Fashion and Street Style

Its entrance gives way to a two story expanse of wall, on which various moving images are projected 24 hours a day.

The theme will change from season to season and could be anything from “ Versailles to something exotic the sky with flying birds and moving clouds,” the designer said.

“We need to make dreams come true. People are attracted by some surprise. In life it is ahvays like that. What you love, what makes you smile is surprise either things you don’t expect or something beautiful.”

Beverly Hills fashion publicist Jodi Guber has become a real fire breather but not in the way one might think. The thirtysomething daughter of producer Peter Guber recently abandoned her thriving publicity firm, Beyond PR (which counts Chanel and Escada among its clients), to start up her own private yoga practice, Beyond Yoga. And Guber isn’t the only family member who’s gone the way of the yogi; several years ago, her mother, Tara Lynda Guber, founded a mandatory weekly yoga program at a charter school in South Central L.A.

Los Angeles Fashion and Street Style

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