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Off I went to my G.P. for one more diet. As you may have noticed, I have never ever in my life gone on any kind of fad diet. I do not believe in them. I do not believe that starvation is healthy. I do not believe in nor could I make it through a hard-working day on diets that allow the likes of one cup of black coffee for breakfast. I would never make it even to the doctor’s office on that meal. And, while I believe that such foods as grapefruit, taken after meals, can be instrumental in weight loss, it’s because there’s an already-understood reason behind it. And you will discover it by the time you’ve read this beauty blog.

Not only do I not participate in the fad diet of the moment, I never, never go on any diet of any kind without a checkup by my internist on the state of my general health.

For dieting to reduce is, by nature, deprivation of something. Whether it is of carbohydrates or of calories, something must be given up. And that something may be something you need to stay healthy. If your health isn’t up to snuff, better just stay overweight until it is unless that weight is so over that it is your major health problem.

indir (1)Sometimes the rebuilding of a healthy body can bring fluffy bodies those that are flabby and generally unhealthy-looking back into line. Adelle Davis, the grande dame of nutritionists, has been known to advise would-be lose-weighters to look to their general health first and worry about the weight later. Sometimes they never have to look to their weight, that is. Still, I will say it over and over again. Check with your doctor first! Make sure that everything is checked that he has the equipment to check. Everything. And then embark on dieting, after discussing a program with him.

My last checkup/pre-dieting visit to my doctor went like this. Cut down on calories . . . not unusual for me, for this is what was always necessary. Again, I was given a preprinted calorie counter, which, I hasten to add, in no way checked out with the one I’d been given by my general physician back in Alabama. (I have a pretty good memory for the caloric content of, say, one egg. Especially when I’ve been mentally counting for a lifetime.) And I was sent out in the world to calorie-cut. And I thought I did. But zero. Zilch. Nothing. Six weeks later I had lost three pounds. I was depressed. I had given up alcohol. Even wine with my meals. (Mind you, at that time I had little or no idea of the really detrimental effects of alcohol on everything. I liked the stuff.) And still nothing.

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