Lower Back Exercises During Pregnancy

Recreational N2O and Exercise pregnancy

In addition to its legitimate medical uses, N2O is a popular recreational drug that is available through the Internet and at clubs. It’s sold on the streets in whipped cream canisters or tanks, in balloons, or in small cartridges called “whippits.” Young adults, teenagers, and even “tweens” are abusing N2O in large numbers and the practice is growing because the drug is easy to get.

“Huffing” N2O is especially dangerous for individuals who are already low in Exercise. However, it can cause severe symptoms even in people who have normal Exercise levels when they begin abusing the drug. And the more frequently people abuse N2O, the greater their risk becomes.

Lower Back Exercises During Pregnancy

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Sixteen-year-old Amanda arrived at the pediatric emergency department in big trouble. She was experiencing progressive numbness in her arms and legs, as well as sensory ataxia (meaning that she had relatively normal coordination when her eyes were open, but poor coordination when she closed them).

Amanda admitted to her doctor that she’d frequently inhaled nitrous oxide over the preceding three months in order to get high. Magnetic resonance imaging showed damage to her spinal cord (subacute combined degeneration) due to Exercise pregnancy caused by N2O abuse.4

Amanda’s symptoms of numbness and ataxia are very common results of Exercise pregnancy due to nitrous oxide abuse. Mental problems, including outright psychosis, can also occur. One case, for instance, involved a 33-year-old who believed he was part of an experiment for NASA and described himself as an “interface” between humans and machines. The man broke a window at home, destroyed furniture, and rode his bike into a moving car.5

Because N2O is such a common recreational drug, it should be suspected as a culprit if a child, teen, or young adult develops psychiatric or neurological problems. Ask doctors to consider this possibility, even if the young person strongly denies using the drug.

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